Top 10 people who invented things at a very young age

Top 10 people who invented things at a very young age

While some people take years or sometimes decades to make an invention, others even without much experience have discovered some amazing devices and items. From a five-year-old kid making toy trucks to a 16-year-old teenager giving birth to trampolines, these little inventors have set a record for many to get inspired! It is no surprise that children have some of the most creative minds one could ever imagine. They have created a list of impressive that we all proudly use today.

The following list includes some of the top people who invented useful things at a very young age:

  1. Richie Stachwoski- Water Talkie
Image: Wired Bugs

Richie Stachwoski, a fifth-grader invented what is now known around the world as Water Talkie. It was in the year 1996 that this young creator discovered a straightforward yet useful device. Today, Water Talkie is used for reaching out to people underwater. When the device became sensational globally, Richard even expanded the device under a company known as Short Stack, which he later sold to a San Francisco based toy company for millions of dollars. By the age of 13, this young entrepreneur had even introduced the Bumper Jumper Water Pumper as well as the Scuba Scope.

2. Robert Patch- Toy Trucks

How cute are these small toy trucks that most of us have enjoyed throughout our childhood? Well, thanks to the 5-year old Robert Patch, who in 1962, invented this wonderful toy accidentally. Bringing together some bottle caps and a couple of shoeboxes, this boy created a vehicle toy just like that! This vehicle toy has the capability of transforming into three various truck types, which could be categorized as a box truck, a flatbed, and a dump truck. After realizing the potential in his child’s creation, Robert’s father patented the toy. For this, Robert Patch even became the youngest patent holder ever.

3. Albert Sadacca- Christmas Lights

Lights have the ability to make other objects prettier and pleasing to the eyes. Especially around the festive season, the whole world is busy enjoying themselves while soaking up the beauty of everything around them. Albert Sadacca with just fifteen years of age, during the mid-1920s, invented what we now see around the world during the festive season-  the Christmas Lights! Before this wonderful discovery, people were accustomed to lighting real candles in order to decorate their Christmas trees. During the initial years of this invention, they were quite skeptical about using Christmas lights as a novel object priced really high. However, this changed gradually over time.

4. Frank Epperson- Popsicles

Popsicles are the lifesavers during summers, and none can argue that! Guess what? They too were discovered by an eleven-year-old San Francisco native, Frank Epperson in 1905. How amazing is that! Popsicles were indeed one of the inventions that changed our lives and were actually created by accident. Frank Epperson, the child, who decided to mix a frozen potion of soda water powder and water on a winter’s eve, accidentally left it outside overnight along with a stirring stick. He definitely got a surprise in the morning. Yes, this concoction froze solid, giving birth to the first popsicle ever! Today, we all enjoy this discovery especially with the scorching sun around.

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5. George Nissen- Trampoline

Image: Wayfair

A teenage gymnast, George Nissen along with his coach invented a bouncing rig. This was done in order to provoke power and give height to be able to do a back somersault. The discovery is now known around the world as Trampoline, which most of us are a fan of! In 1930, George at the age of 16 got inspired by the way the trapeze artists dropped, and just went on to create a trampoline. The initial version of the device only had a metal frame and an attached canvas stretching over it. Later, George made several attempts in perfecting his creation by using a nylon canvas to give it more bounce.

6. Jerry Siegel- Superman

Image: Forbes

Superman, the most renowned character of one of the ten mind-boggling sci-fi movies of all time, too was a teen’s invention! Jerry Siegel in 1934 used his imagination to create a fictional character that would later become renowned to the whole wide world. And on top of it, would even have a fan following of its own. Unable to sleep one night, Jerry, after exhausting his imagination and jotting down some great ideas, ran to meet his artist friend Joe Shuster, who finally drew the real sketch. Both of them are responsible for introducing the character to us. And it was only after 4 years that a publisher agreed to publish Superman for the world to see.

7. Chester Greenwood- Earmuffs

Our companion in the snowy and chilly winters, earmuffs were discovered by a fifteen-year-old teen named Chester Greenwood. It was in the year 1873, that this kid got his ears painfully cold while ice skating one day, and decided to look for a way out. While Chester was utilizing the traditional scarfs to cover and warm his ears, he quickly realized that the way was not very effective. This made him move ahead and look for a much better solution. Finally, he asked his grandmother to sew flannel flaps for him, which lead to the eventual creation of earmuffs.

8. Louis Braille- Braille

Image: Britannica

The world-famous Braille script was discovered by Louis Braille in the 19th century. Having a severe eye infection since the age of 3 that had made Louis blind, was motivation enough for him to make a groundbreaking discovery that would later go on to help people around the world! He was just twelve years old when Louis Braille learned a method of silent communication used by the French military, to create the famous Braille script. Today, this invention is helping the whole blind community to easily learn and communicate.

9. Kelly Reinhart- T-Pak

Image: WiredBugs

Having creative parents who motivate their kids to create things as a way to play games proved to be a blessing to the young Kelly Reinhart. She invented T-Pak as a result of a challenge she got from her parents to draw a picture of a great invention. With her obsession with cowboys and gun holsters, Kelly sketched a thigh bag pack that could be used by kids to bear their video games. Finally, T-Pak was patented in 1998, making it an interesting concept.

10. Joseph Armand Bombardier- Snowmobiles

Snowmobiles were invented by a teenager in the year 1922. Joseph Armand Bombardier, hailing from Quebec, went on to discover a useful device just at the age of 15. Mounting a Ford Model T engine to four runners along with a handmade propeller, this kid surprised his family with this invention on new year’s eve. The snowmobile was finally discovered and the initial invention could travel half a mile before coming to a halt. Today, Snowmobiles are popularly used around the world to travel in snowy regions.

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