Top 10 On-demand Coding Courses For Kids
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Top 10 On-demand Coding Courses For Kids

As work from home has become both immensely popular and necessary in this pandemic, it has given a new meaning to who essential workers are and which job skills can survive i.e who all are able to work remotely during an emergency and who can’t. Coding is considered as a skill that can easily be done remotely and is often done outside of an office set up. There could be many reasons why you’d be looking for coding resources for kids. Right now, coding is quite a stable job in an uncertain world. Also with the new education policy introducing coding and computers from as young as 6th grade, we are going to see more and more parents are lined up to register their kids for coding classes. Gone are the days where learning a programming language was reserved for the select few, or cost quite an ample amount of money. Today, you can learn coding online from the world’s best instructors.

Coding knowledge is always considered as an added advantage for the future. In the future when the world will be even more reliant on technology, the coding lessons learned at an early age could prove to be profitable for your kid while going for college or job interviews. If you want your kids to start their own career as a programmer, learn how to build websites, or create projects for fun, this post is for you. Now, let’s quickly dive into the best online on-demand coding courses where they can learn to code.

1. Udemy 

Founded in 2010 by Eren Bali, Gagan Biyani, and Oktay Caglar, Udemy offers a wide range of courses for school kids to adults. They offer courses in Scratch, Python, HTML, CSS, Unity, plus and so on and the courses vary in price from free to up to ₹462 per course. While most of the Udemy courses come with an on-demand video, articles, and downloadable resources, some of them are offered in real-time. Their lessons are designed to let your kids learn at their own pace and once you purchase a course, you have lifetime access to it. Your kid can take a class at their own pace, from anywhere and everywhere. A benefit of being a structured curriculum like this is that Udemy has about 2,000 coding course offerings. So, chances are super high that you will end up finding a course that works for your kid. 

2. Modo

Modo, the Bengaluru-based startup was started in 2015 by Amalore Jude and his wife Susan Jude to offer courses on robotics and coding to K-12 kids through its online learning platform. The online course is of five levels, and only the first level is on the platform as of now. The other levels will be launched shortly. The price of the first level is for kids above the age of eight years and it costs ₹7,000. The level has 13 hours of on-demand video, 25 lessons, and each lesson is of 40 minutes. Overall, the platform has content spanning 1,000 minutes at the moment. Modo also provides access to the robotic kit sensors, tools, and microprocessors for the children to learn and program. Besides, they have also tied up with some prominent CBSE schools in Chennai, wherein the course will be used as part of their regular curriculum or as an after-school or weekend program.

3. Bitdegree

Bitdegree is an American online learning platform that focuses on providing courses on Blockchain Technology, Web Development, Programming languages, Game development, etc to make learning a fun process. Founded in 2011 by Zach Sims, Bit degree offers exactly what today’s generation requires to stand out from the crowd.  Bitdegree courses include lessons through interactive on-demand videos and notes. These lessons have various examples, screenshots, and references for better comprehensibility. If we talk about the BitDegree courses, the courses are quite affordable and start with as low as $2.99. It entirely depends upon the course type and the level of the course that you want to enroll in. Bit degree employs blockchain technology to issue scholarships, secure content, and provide certificates. Bit degree is an online education platform where your kid can both learn and earn. This online learning initiative is meant to revolutionize the online education system and is already popular among students and parents.

4. Code Avengers Junior

New Zealand-based Code Avengers Junior is an online learning platform where your kid can kick start with the fundamentals of programming like Python, HTML/CSS, or Javascript. Code Avengers Junior courses price starts from $20USD and focuses on kids in the age group 5-16. Apart from coding, kids learn how to logically sequence events, create playable games, and model real situations.  Once kids will get a grip on the fundamentals, they can move to learn programming languages, such as JavaScript and Python, and web languages such as HTML5 and CSS3. Code Avengers closely monitors your child’s performance as they work through lessons and projects. Moreover, Parents can also view a kid’s progress through the courses, the projects they’ve developed, and the concepts they’ve acquired. They also provide a free trial that gives you access to the first 5 lessons of each course for 7 days. If you like it, then you can upgrade to their premium account to get unrestricted access to all available courses.

5. Code Conquest

This online learning platform by internet entrepreneur Chris Kite can give your kid a helping hand if he or she is willing to enter the world of coding. Even if your kid has no idea about what programming or coding is, the Code Conquest platform can help your kid learn the fundamentals and improve thereon. With the help of Code Conquest, you can get access to loads of programming videos covering PHP, HTML, Javascript, and much more for beginners that contain unlimited free coding lessons. The online learning platform allows your kid to learn how to use a particular programming language. And also makes them capable enough to determine which coding language training is apt for their requirements and you can then make your decision respectively. Moreover, you’ll also get specific recommendations for your kid to continue his or her education with different tools and platforms.

6. Skillshare

Skillshare is a popular online learning platform that offers classes for all age groups. From cooking to coding, you’ll find hundreds of courses for your kids to help them achieve their goals. All of their online lectures are professionally created and are in HD video with high-quality audio and images. Moreover, you will also get access to loads of additional exercises with solutions to the end of most exercises. Each class includes short lessons, on-demand videos, and your kid can also share the project with his/her companions to get feedback on it. You can use Skillshare for free with selected classes that include videos and written tutorials, but if you sign up for Premium you’ll get access to unlimited coding courses. Plus premium also gets you offline access and no ads. Subscriptions cost between $ 5.23 and $ 8.73 per month depending on whether you pay monthly or for a year, so we think it’s worth it for the affordable cost. 

7. SoloLearn 

Yeva Hyusyan and Davit Kocharyan started SoloLearn in 2014 to teach coding to young students in the U.S.A, India, and Russia and users across Europe and South America. Since then, the platform has grown rapidly, with over 5,000,000 learners all over the world. SoloLearn focuses on enabling coding education through game mechanics, peer-to-peer competition, and community code reviews. SoloLearn offers a diverse range of learning courses, including JavaScript, Swift, Python, C++, and HTML/CSS, plus specialized content related to machine learning, AI, data structures, and algorithms. New users can simply open the app and sign up for a fresh account, and it is ready-to-use after a quick and hassle-free signup process. SoloLearn is an absolutely free-to-use platform with ads. However, For a monthly or annual subscription, users can pay and upgrade to SoloLearn PRO to get rid of ads and add some extra features such as Personalised Activity Insights.

8. Treehouse 

Treehouse was founded in 2011 to make tech more accessible through affordable and engaging online tech education. With over 1,000 hours of high-quality videos, Treehouse is a great investment for those parents who want their kids to learn how to code. Treehouse videos are designed to take your kid from knowing nothing about code to stepping themselves into the shoes of a future programmer. Most of the Treehouse programming courses have been made for beginners and covers the basics of python, Javascript, Django, web development, etc. The price of Treehouse courses starts at $14.99 per month and you have access to +1,000 videos with the courses. Your kid can thoroughly go through a couple of courses in a month and have a good foundation to start learning more advanced features. They also offer everyone a 7-day free trial. Parents can take advantage of it by visiting their sign-up page and consider enrolling their kids.

9. Upskill

Upskill is an online learning platform that will help to transform your kid from beginner to advanced developer. The platform provides courses on a wide range of skills ranging from fundamentals of programming and computer science, data structures and algorithms, frameworks, and libraries. Upskill provides access to premium quality training videos on skills required for a career in programming and the videos can be streamed in high definition directly on this site. Your kid will also get access to the exercises and solutions for algorithms and coding challenges and lessons on how to find the best jobs, interviewing practice and so on. When a user creates a free account, they get access to over 200 lessons automatically and if you upgrade to a Pro account, you’ll get access to hundreds of hours of content and more being added all the time! The entire curriculum of Upskill is 100% project-based, which means that you’ll be building a real-world portfolio as you proceed through the course.

10. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform that allows your kids to advance and refine their skills through its wide range of online courses. LinkedIn Learning offers various programming courses that are taught through expert-led on-demand videos and currently offers more than 16,000 courses in seven different languages. A recommended course to start with is HTML Essentials, which can be used for building a website or web application. It’s suitable for those who are inclining toward web development. Though the professional networking site LinkedIn is free to use on its most basic level, LinkedIn Learning is considered a premium service and has a subscription fee of $29.99 per month, though offers are occasionally available that bring the price down to $19.99 per month. However, the platform does offer a free 7-day so you can see if the features it offers are right for your kid. They also provide an option to access the course through its mobile app, which is available for Android and iOS users.


Kids usually have quick grasping power than adults, this makes kids learn the coding concepts more efficiently. Even, If your kids don’t opt for a computer science-related field in the future, coding will provide them access to every latest technology. In a technology-driven world, learning to code helps your kid not only to operate the gadgets but also to make your kid look behind the screen of the gadgets and understand how it operates. Moreover, Coding helps kids to acquire entrepreneurial skills which will make them employers rather than employees. Technology is just a tool and it’s up to us how & where we utilize it. Every child has his own interest. Therefore, it’s best to open the doors for them, and have them practice, play around with code, and not be too assertive.

Therefore, parents need to start thinking about the future of children from a very early stage. From picking the best foods to feed to picking the best coding courses for your kids, everything holds equal value and importance in a kid’s upbringing.

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