Top 10 biggest machines in the world you need to know

Top 10 biggest machines in the world you need to know

Top 10 biggest machines in the world-let’s know about them. It is so fascinating that from discovering fire to making Artificial Intelligence, humans have come a far way. Some of world’s brilliant minds with their ideas, have developed biggest and heaviest machines to leave us all awestruck. These ideas and working style of humans have only progressed through generations. And it is quite possible that one day we could accomplish many things that seem unimaginable today.

Below is the list of top 10 biggest machines in the world.

1. The giant mechanical spider -La Princesse

Source: Vice

The name of the magnificent mechanical spider is La Princesse and it is 15 meter tall. It was displayed in Yokohama, Japan in the year 2009 as a part of Yokohama’s 150th anniversary at its port opening.  And it was also showcased in Liverpool England as a part of European capital of culture celebrations in 2008. The spider toured the city between 3 to 7 September, blowing people’s minds. The French company, La Machine designed the mechanical spider. And the cost of making the spider was around 2.49 million dollars.  

2. Biggest rail gun – Schwerer Gustav

Schwerer Gustav is a German 80 m railway gun, which was developed in a Nazi Germany. Krupp designed the machine in 1937, as a siege artillery for the annihilation purposes. It aimed at destroying the main forts of French Maginot line which was the toughest fortification to exist back then. The gun weighed nearly 1050 tonnes and had a capability of firing shells that weighed 70 tonnes. It could fire at a range of 47 km. It was the biggest calibre rifled firearm that was used in a battle and was one of the weightiest mobile artillery piece ever built.

3. Biggest aircraft – Antonov An-225 Mriya

Antonov An-225 Mriya plays the role of an outsize cargo freight aircraft. The group Antonov designed it, while the Antonov serial production plant built the aircraft. Its construction was completed in 1988, flying first time on December 21 in the same year. It is now used for carrying heavyweight payloads after completing successful missions for the soviet military. It is known for holding the absolute world record as it lifted single items payload of 189980 kilo gram and is one of its kind.

4. Largest tunnel boring machine – Bertha 

Top 10 biggest machines

Made especially for the Washington State Department of Transportation’s project- ‘Alaskan way viaduct replacement tunnel’ in Seattle, United States, Bertha is the largest tunnel boring machine in the world. With a diameter of 57.5 feet, its assembling completed in Seattle in June 2013. It was made by Hitachi Zosen Sakai Works in Osaka, japan. The machine completed the construction of tunnel within two years starting in July, 2013.

5. Largest excavator – Bagger 288

Source: Republic world

A German company- Krupp Bagger 288 built it for energy and mining purposes. It’s construction completed in the year 1978, setting a world record of being the heaviest vehicle (weighing a whopping 13,500 tons) by defeating big muskie. Constructed within 10 years, its total cost amounted about 100 million dollars. It was made to resolve the problem of eliminating overload before coal mining at the Hambach surface mine in Germany. Must Read: Top 10 manmade structures in the world.

6. Overburden Conveyor Bridge F60-one of the top 10 biggest machines

The construction of the bridge started in the year 1969 and was completed by 1991. It was manufactured by Volkseigerner Betrieb TAKRAF in Lauchhammer. Having a height of 60 meters gave it another name- F60. It is in use for lignite mining that happens in the Lusatian coalfields in Germany and is the biggest portable technical industrial machines in the world. The machine is responsible for moving the overload which lies over the coal joint. It is also known as the lying Eiffel tower as it is longest as well as the largest vehicle ever made.

7. The Large Hadron Collider- One of the Top 10 biggest machines

Top 10 biggest machines

One of the most powerful and prime particle accelerators is the massive Hadron collider that was first started up on 10th September 2008. To kick the energy off the particles alongside the way, the collider has a 27 kilometre ring of superconducting magnets with an amount of accelerating structures. Two great energy particle beams travel at adjacent ways to the rapidity of light before they are made to bump inside the accelerator. The path of the beams is opposite to each other and the beam pipes are two tubes that are kept in ultrahigh vacuum. Higgs boson or the top quark is a massive particle which was produced by the collisions that happened inside the collider.

8. Biggest dump truck – BelAZ 75710

Top 10 biggest machines

Source: Hit news center

One of the biggest dump trucks BeIAZ came to existence in Kuznetsk Basin in 1983. Its developers have invested 954 million dollar to increase its total production capacity. With two banana setup, its turning radius is of nearly 102 feet. And also has pairs of doubled wheels. Now, the machine can transport 450 tons of weight in one go. And there is not one but, two diesel engines of 65 litres each to fuel this biggest dump truck. So, the fuel consumption for the truck often goes as high as 198 g/kWh per engine. Thus, the invention makes in into the list of top 10 biggest machines in the world.

9. Crawler – The Rocket Transporter

Top 10 biggest machines

Source: NASA

Now, the crawler is a rocket transporter, and the Marion Power Shovel Company manufactured it. Its developers also call it a missile crawler transporter facility. And It has a length and width of 131 feet and 144 feet respectively, with an adjustable height from 20 to 26 ft. the massive machine weighs whopping of 2721 tonnes and is kept in the Kennedy space centre, Florida. The total cost for creating two of these biggest self-powering vehicles in the world was 14 million dollars. And the NASA is planning to use one of the two crawlers to carry NASA space launch system.

10. Biggest ship – OOCL Hong Kong

Top 10 biggest machines

Depicted above is the largest container ship ever built in the world. The Orient Oasis Containers Line ltd (OOCL)Hong Kong, owns the ship and it came out to see the light of the day in 2017. While, Samsung heavy industries, GEOJE developed the ship, and launched it on 31 December 2016. It carries almost 14,904,000 litres of fuel and was the first ship to pass the 21000 TEUs mark. Also, the ship is a G-class with its yard number being SN2172. And it takes almost 77 days round trip to serve the route from East Asia to northern Europe covering locations such as Shanghai Singapore Ningbo etc. So, because of these reasons, it is included in the list of top 10 biggest machines in the world.

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