Einstein’s handwritten equation E=mc<sup>2</sup> sells for over $1.2M
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Einstein’s handwritten equation E=mc2 sells for over $1.2M

Einstein’s handwritten equation E=mc2 gets sold at an auction for over $1.2M. The figure is nearly three times the expected price. Now, an important factor about Einstein’s handwritten equations is that other than E=mc2, there are only other three knowns. And the fourth one saw the light of the day only recently. California Institute of Technology and Hebrew University of Jerusalem confirm the existence of these four records.

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Einstein’s handwritten equation E=mc2 What it says?

Einstein has certainly given many theories and equations that the scientific world relies on and runs on today. And one out of these most famous ones has been the relation between energy and mass. So, on the basic level Energy equals mass times the square of the speed of light. And to put the equation in simple terms, it means that energy and mass/ matter are interchangeable forms of each other. Einstein gave the equation in 1905, explaining how stars and other nuclear explosions release energy in space. In addition to this, the scientific community also reveals that he gave this equation in a shot explaining the phenomenon of the tremendous release of energy.

Auction of the handwritten equation:

Bobby Livingston is the executive vice-president at the PR Auction. And about Einstein’s equation, he quoted, “It’s an important letter from both a holographic and a physics point of view”. Also, it is one of the most celebrated physics equations. Now, Ludwik Silberstein, a Polish-American physicist many a time came in disagreement with Einstein’s Equations. But in a known one-page letter, that Einstein wrote to Silberstein on Oct 26, 1946, mentioned answers to some of the contradictions. Einstein’s statement read, “Your question can be answered from the E=mc2 formula, without any erudition”. The auctioning of Einstein’s handwritten equation E=mc2 is an important piece of news that made waves in the science community.  While, five parties competed closely for the equation, but it ended up in a two-party bid after the value shot over $700,000.

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