Replicate human auditory system- Josh McDermott
Image: University of Minnesota

Replicate human auditory system- Josh McDermott

Replicate human auditory system– Josh McDermott establishes the method that mimics humans’ hearing abilities. The background for the experiment lies in the fact that a human auditory system is a piece of smart work. We hear, recognize noise, voice, and words from a new language. We also recognize someone from their footprints. Taking inspiration from these Mr. Josh wants to replicate the human auditory system. He is a neuroscientist at MIT and is inclined towards developing aids for hearing loss in humans.

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Replicate human auditory system
Josh McDermott (MIT)

Replicate human auditory system-Sound Perception

Mc Dermott wished to study math& physics, initially but got interested in studying science and the human’s auditory system. He thus started to work towards computational models for the auditory system. He quotes, “The culture here surrounding the brain and cognitive science prioritizes and values computation, and that was a perspective that was important to me.” His work thus includes tasks like deducing information about the source and occurrence of the sound. Because it is a task that requires segregation of sound, Dermott terms it is as “auditory scene analysis”. A good example would be the difference between the sounds of balls bouncing on a wooden playground and a concrete playground.

How brain maps different sounds?

McDermott wants to establish the fact how our brain maps& recognizes these sounds. He thus, emphasizes curating new strategies that give us great insights into sound perception. And this helps us develop newer and better strategies to deal with hearing impairments. McDermott has thus been working on cross-cultural studies to know how the brain perceives music as well. He thus also had students from the Amazon rainforest to assist in his research. And they try to find that how various kinds of music cast different types of effects on the brain. So, McDermott is determined to go through extensive research to replicate the human auditory system.

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