Tyrannosaurus might have hunted in packs and dominated Earth

Tyrannosaurus might have hunted in packs and dominated Earth

Recent research has unraveled new characteristics of dinosaurs. A new study suggests that billions of Tyrannosaurus rexes may have formed teams and hunted like wolves. It is a topic of debate among scientists whether Tyrannosaurs were solitary predators or hunted in packs.

An excavation site in Utah’s Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument has evidence of remains from multiple Tyrannosaurs, boosting the notion of packs. “This supports our hypothesis that these tyrannosaurs died in this site and were all fossilized together; they all died together, and this information is key to our interpretation that the animals were likely gregarious in their behavior,” said Celina Suarez, one of the scientists who made the finding.

Were tyrannosaurus social?

A team of scientists from the US Bureau of Land Management, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Colby College of Maine, and James Cook University, published a study that examines the unique bone site. The team analyzed the site and its fossils to confirm that the remains discovered of tyrannosaurus who roamed together.

“Undoubtedly, this group died together, which adds to a growing body of evidence that tyrannosaurids were capable of interacting as gregarious packs,” said Philip Currie, who believed in the idea that the species could have moved together as a team. More examining is planned with an aim to understand whether these extinct terrors were social.

Similar supporting evidence

Researchers have learned many new things about dinosaurs. Recently a tiny footprint of a baby dinosaur was discovered in China that measured just 2.24 inches. Researchers believe that it was a small stegosaur.

Researchers also claimed the footprint was surrounded by larger footprints, which hints that the baby dinosaur had adult dinosaurs around it. It also falls in line with the notion that dinosaurs stayed together.

Besides, a team of Chinese researchers also discovered a huge “dinosaur dance floor.” The discovery was made in Shanghang County in east China’s Fujian Province. The site is 100 square meters and nearly 200 dinosaur tracks have been unearthed there. 

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