Top One On One Live Coding Courses For Kids

Top One On One Live Coding Courses For Kids

Coding has become a buzzing trend in the Indian education space and slowly but surely becoming a must-have skill in the world now. During this pandemic, not only parents are working from home, kids too are studying from home. However, if your kid still got some extra time and you’re willing to teach them new skills then it’s better to keep them busy with some amazing online coding courses without stepping out of the house. You may try out different online coding courses for your kids to enhance their logical skills at home as well as keep them occupied for a long time. 

The world is becoming digital every day, introducing coding and growing exposure to technology at a young age will go a long way in helping future generations. So in the future, whichever profession one chooses to take up, the computer is going to be a compulsory part. Hence it is crucial to prepare our kids to learn computer coding skills.

1. WhiteHat Jr

WhiteHat Jr is one on one live coding platform for the aspiring kids and teens that allows children in grade 1-12 to learn essentials of coding i.e Logic, Structure, Sequence. Founded in 2018 by Karan Bajaj, the platform offers a wide range of engaging coding programs that are taught one on one live by top certified instructors. The price of the packages ranges between Rs 694 – Rs 750 per class and are designed to incite creativity, logical thinking, and academic excellence. Moreover, the best part of this unique coding program is they send dedicated coders to visit Silicon Valley where they get a chance to meet experts from Google, Waymo, and shape their future destiny as coding experts. So consider enrolling your kid for a free trial. 

2. Codevidhya 

Codevidhya, founded in 2016 by Shivram Choudhary, is a coding e-learning platform that allows kids from the age of 6 to 16 to learn scratch coding, App and Web development, and Python coding from the comfort of their home. Their child-oriented courses range between  ₹6000- ₹65,000 and also contains quizzes, puzzles, games, and more to keep them engaged. They deliver the class through one-on-one personalised and customised live sessions to ensure that your kid receives all the special attention and additional assistance from their instructors. Moreover, parents can even schedule the class hours as per their own convenience and reschedule them whenever you want. Codevidhya’s top certified instructors have prepared in-depth, well-researched, and structured curriculums and programs that ensure the smooth transition of your kid into the coding world. 

3. Coding Bytes

Launched in 2015, Coding Bytes is a web-based learning platform that offers a variety of computer programming courses to students from age group 6 to 18. Their classes are usually one on one live or group sessions conducted by instructors who already are experts in the field and have a passion for programming. The pricing of their coding programs range from Rs 1999 to Rs 3999 and typically take 4-6 months to complete. Through their customised learning management system, they introduce key fundamental concepts to the kids such as sequencing, abstraction, repetition, conditional statements, loops, and functions using animation, stories, and games. Once your kid completes a course, he/she will receive a certificate of completion and the best part about this coding course is that plans are based on monthly subscriptions with no long-term commitments.

4. CampK12

CampK12 offers innovative coding courses such as AI, VR, App Development, Game Development on Scratch & more, that focus on developing concepts right from kid’s formative years. Formed by an alumnus of MIT university, Anshul Bhagi in 2015, the platform provides a chance to learn from the world’s best instructors that are hand-picked and trained by the IIT / MIT team. They offer one-on-one online live Classes with live screen shares, code editors, whiteboards, A/V streaming, doc sharing, and so on. CampK12 offers packages starting from Rs 7999 to Rs 9999, you can pick a pricing plan which fits your requirements best. Besides, the kids will also get access to the world’s first AI / 3D Coding platform built by Camp K12, Mobile App with Daily Logic Puzzles and Contests, and monthly Webinar with Industry Experts. The best part? It is absolutely free.

5. Vedantu Superkids

Founded by Vamsi Krishna, Pulkit Jain, and Anand Prakash in 2014, the Bengaluru-based Edtech Vedantu Superkids offers one on one live interactive courses for students from the age group 6 to 12. The Vedantu faculty consists of some of the best minds who themselves have undertaken some of the toughest competitive exams and are alumni of IIT, MIT, and other top universities. The learning program fees range from Rs 525 to Rs 750 per class and emphasizes on analyzing complex problems and solutions through coding.  The online classes cover the basics of coding, Animations, App Development, Game Designing, AI, etc, and can be scheduled at your convenience. Concentrating on every student’s learning and growth, Vedantu far outranks the traditional classroom teaching and learning approaches. To attend a free Vedantu Masterclass, download the App from Google PlayStore or apple store.

6. Qin1

Launched by IIT alumnus Ishan Gupta and Aarti Gupta, Qin1 offers a wide range of online courses for the kids between the ages of  6-18. The platform provides personalised one on one live or group classes to kids. Kids are introduced to the concepts of coding through a variety of courses, such as Fundamentals of computers, Application Development and AR, Python with AI, Fundamentals of Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking, etc. The price of 1:1 live courses starts from Rs 7380 to Rs 12300 and offers a customized learning experience for each student in terms of teacher selection, course design, and medium of delivery. Through these courses, even if your kid is a complete beginner, he/she will learn how to code and build their own web application, a browser-based game, animated apps, responsive web pages, and so on. 

7. Coding Elements

Coding Elements was founded by Mudit Goel and offer one on one live sessions for students in Age group 6-18. Coding Element’s key difference lies in the way they deliver the concept with the help of high-quality video, which breaks down complex computer science concepts into fun and engaging activities. Their best faculty, with their extensive industry experience, provides excellent knowledge on various courses such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Full Stack Web Development, Data Structures and Algorithms in Java, Android App Development, etc. Moreover, they also provide LIVE Doubt Sessions to their students so that they can clear their doubts and each student gets personalized attention from the instructors.

8. NotchUp 

NotchUp is one on one online learning platform by IIT-D IIM-A Alumni Rahul Khandelwal and Shelly Kanodia to prepare your kids for the digital future. Their courses are specifically designed for kids in age group 5 to 17 and provide a wide range of courses on Game Development, App Development, Python Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, etc. The prices of courses start from Rs 375 to Rs 550 per class and allows parents to arrange the LIVE sessions in their own preferred language. Their expert faculty teach the complex concepts of coding to your kid in a fun and interactive way using animations and stories and provide endless online support for doubt resolution. Interested parents can book a free trial of coding sessions and can consider enrolling their kid for NotchUp.

9. Coding NinjasNi Junior

Founded in 2016 by Ankush Singla and his partners, Coding Ninjas entered the coding for kids market in July 2020, with Coding Ninjas Junior. The platform offers one on one live sessions to students from the 3rd-8th standard (6-14 years old) to help them develop an understanding of basic analytical skills and improvise their cognitive skills. The classes will help kids to explore a wide range of domains such as App development, game development, webpage design, and Machine Learning. The curriculum is designed by the graduates from IIT, Stanford, IIIT’s, Facebook, and Amazon in a way to progress step by step from block-based programming to text-based programming languages like HTML, CSS, and Python. The price of packages is about Rs 694- Rs 778 per class and takes 2-5 months to complete.

10. Mind Champ

The online e-learning platform is designed for kids from 7-14 years to promote logical skills in school kids at an early age in a structured manner. Founded by Sneha Krishnan and Manasi Kashikar in 2016, MindChamp offers one on one live classes on the basics of coding, Website Designing, Python Programming, App Designing to ensure that your kid gets full attention. The online courses are designed in an activity-centric manner and kids also get their own MindChamp Lab login so that they can review and practice even after the class. With an all-rounded curriculum, qualified instructors, and modern, engaging activities, they have created a helpful and stimulating environment for your kid to shine.

As schools across the countries are closed because of the coronavirus pandemic, millions of school kids are stuck at home. Fortunately, the Internet exists. And using online resources for learning is considered to be one of the best ways to prepare your kids for the future, but choosing the right online course that helps kids learn can be a real challenge. If your kid is becoming impatient and requires something to arouse their technical skills, consider one of our top recommendations. Moreover, the courses are informative, engaging, and include additional resources. So if what you’re seeking for top-notch online courses will make your kids smart enough to win college scholarships, then consider these amazing resources.

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