Top 5 best female magicians in the world
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Top 5 best female magicians in the world

Top 5 best female magicians in the world. Curious? Let’s unfold it right here. Science today explains almost everything tangible in the world. But, there still exists a plethora of activities that intrigue science too as they intrigue humans.

Illusionists, magicians, and mentalists, have mastered these activities and presented them in the form of various optical illusion activities. Activities like creating mirages, cognitive and literal illusions, and sometimes psychological activities too. These leave their spectators amazed and amused at the same time. Now, there could always be a possibility of some logical explanations behind these phenomena, to debunk the whole mystical process.  But then, as they say, let’s always save room for the curiosity to kick in and not puncture the amazement associated with the work of these great artists.

Top 5 best female magicians in the world, who have proved their magical prowess and intelligence to their audience, is covered here in our list.

Fay Presto

top 5 best female magicians in the world
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Fray Presto is an ace magician of British Origin and is celebrated for her renowned magic trick called the “bottle through the table trick”. Presto not only owns many accolades to boast of but also is a respected Magic Circle member, a part of a magician’s tour called “Champions of Magic” and is also an inspiration for many documentaries. Her documentary called “Fay Presto, Queen of Close-up”, was released in 2017 and created huge waves. Thus, making her one of the strong contenders of top 5 best female magicians in the world.

Katherine Mills

top 5 best female magicians in the world
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Katherine Mills, born in 1983, is an English magician-cum-mentalist and is immensely motivated by David Blaine. Having become adept at magic tricks, Katherine proudly owned her first magic show. And in 2014, she was entitled to be the first British female magician to have a magic show in her name. After proving her talent in the magic genre at the BAFTA awards in 2015, Mills today is counted among the top 5 female magicians in the world.

Judy Carter

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Judy’s pursuit to become one of the esteemed magicians and comedians, began with her congenital speech impairment, coupled with her sister’s health problems. She would select the magic tricks that had attached scripts and would practice these often. These acts of Judy would bring a smile to her sister’s face and she would feel immensely elated with these acts. To her surprise, her magic tricks not only helped her win over her speech impairment but also bettered her sister’s conditions. Then slowly she grew as a magician and did many shows to win her audience. And very deservingly she was honored with the title of first-ever female magician to perform at the “Magic Castle in West Hollywood”.

Eusapia Palladino

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Born in the early 1850s, when magicians were considered no less than wizards or spell casters, Eusapia too claimed of talking to the dead people. These claims, however, were refuted by many investigators of that time, but her mastery over the tricks has always left people spellbound and emotionally shaken. She is thus considered to be one of the rare magicians who communicated with the dead and also uplifted tables to add to her audience’s mystery.

Top5 best female magicians in the world- Very deservingly one of them is Dorothy Dietrich

top 5 best female magicians in the world
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Dorothy Dietrich, an American Magician too makes it to the top 5 best female magicians in the world category. During her teens, she started to exhibit the qualities of a great magician and was lovingly called “the first lady of magic”. Dietrich is known to have left people jaw-dropped for a 22 gauge-bullet catch with her mouth. An ace sniper was tasked to shot the bullet at her to test her reflexes. She not only snap-caught the bullet with her mouth but also emerged unscathed from the act. This left her audience and everyone involved in the act, awestruck and befuddled.

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