Top 10 countries that have the least pollution

Top 10 countries that have the least pollution

We all love to live in a clean and environmentally friendly place. Don’t we? Well, with the rapid increase in population and urbanization, pollution is already at an all-time high. Climate change has become more evident than it probably was just half a decade ago. While there are countries that still do not believe global warming and climate change to be a real deal, there are others who have made tremendous progress in saving the environment. Such countries have set an example for others to follow in their footprints. Here’s the list of the top ten countries emitting the least levels of pollution.


One of the top countries with the lowest levels of pollution is Denmark. Following some of the best policies in order to bring down gas emissions, has left a mark on the world and has prevented climate change. Ranking third in the world, Denmark’s environmental index is 87.1. Moreover, according to the world happiness index, the country stands in one of the top spots as the happiest country. Solar-powered boats, use of sustainable products, organic food, and eco-friendly hotels, Denmark has everything in place when it comes to eliminating pollution!

2. Luxembourg

A tiny European country surrounded by France, Belgium, and Germany, Luxembourg is known for its cleanliness. Over the past few years, this country has come a long way in reducing its negative effects on the environment. In spite of a sudden increase in the country’s population and witnessing a hike in its GDP, Luxembourg has been successful in maintaining an epi score of 78.4. Steps have been taken by their government in making tremendous efforts to keep the capital clean. With the help of its responsible citizens, this small country has become a place to be. Just having a walk around the city streets feels like a refreshing moment.

3. Switzerland

Switzerland, a place bustling with tourists all year round, has been crowned as the cleanest country the world has ever seen. It has a spectacular environmental index score of 88, making it the best of all 179 countries in terms of cleanliness. Here, people have access to safe and clean drinking water throughout the year. The country also offers a wide range of wildlife and forests. With over 1500 lakes, all located almost together, Switzerland is heaven on earth! Its capital Zurich along with other cities is very well maintained by the government.

4. Malta

Next up on our list of the top ten countries with the least pollution, Malta has gained a lot of tourist attraction over the past couple of decades. It was not very long ago that this petite country, located in the Mediterranean was categorized as a third world country. Today, people from across the globe visit and enjoy themselves in the beauty of Malta. Several government efforts and policies in taking good environmental care, have largely contributed to making this place one of the cleanest countries on earth. It is home to the most pristine beaches while offering an elevated lifestyle.

5. Iceland

Ranking as one of the top cleanest countries in the world, Iceland has an impressive environmental performance index of 87.6. Today, the country is long known for its strong stand in fighting against all kinds of ocean pollution. It is of no surprise that the Icelandic water bodies are definitely some of the most pristine ones on earth. In this particular country, pollution is almost non-existent. Moreover, Iceland is the only country that largely operates on renewable energy including geothermal power, hydropower, and other forms of energy too. It is even home to some of the biggest hydropower plants in the world.

6. France

Even with a large population of around 70 million people, France has been able to maintain its cleanliness levels. It has a lot to offer, not only in terms of food, art, and music but in providing good water as well as quality air to its tourists and inhabitants. A place filled with industries, France’s major chunk of energy comes from nuclear power resources. This, all the way, plays a pivotal role in diminishing carbon emissions, making the country’s citizens breathe fresh air. Today, France is constantly making efforts in doing what it can do the best in avoiding any ill-effects on the environment.

7. Finland

Finland is a famous Scandinavian country, known for being one of the best places on earth when it comes to offering clean and fresh air. A lot of its energy is derived from renewable energy resources. The government here makes sure that everything from lakes and water, to air and forests, are maintained and cleaned regularly as per global standards. For Finland, wildlife and forest conservation is the top priority. With an epi score of 86.2, it has also been included in the list of the best countries to reside in. This country is located far away from the industrial area.

8. Austria

Image: Experience World

A country located in Central Europe, Austria is a beautiful place to visit! With a variety of ecosystems, it has a lot to offer. The country’s environmental performance index score is 78.9, making it a top country with the least pollution levels. Due to its landscape being devoid of oceans, Austria remains completely safe from oceanic waste. This leaves room for improving the other areas of judgment including air, chemicals, and waste. This country is believed to have the strictest of standards in the whole of Europe. One must plan to visit this beauty!

9. Norway

Next, on our list of the least polluted countries in the world, is Norway. With a diverse and impressive ecosystem, this country is filled with forest-covered hills in the south, and glaciers in the north and the west. Norway has an environmental performance index score of 77.3. Most of its energy and electricity come from renewable energy resources. The country has the world’s most sustainable public transport network, which is completely dependent on renewable energy. Norway is taking an active part in making the earth a better place to live in!

10. Sweden

Image: Planet Ware

With an environmental performance index score of 81.3, Sweden is known around the world as one of the most pristine places on planet earth. It has exceptionally low carbon dioxide emissions and very impressively makes use of the available renewable energy sources. The government here has been successful in preserving its large acres of forests and greenery. Moreover, Sweden has been quite professional in terms of recycling and making use of old products and materials. Its capital, Stockholm was even awarded the title of the cleanest capital on planet earth in the year 2010. Since then, Sweden has come a long way in doing all it can to curb carbon emissions.

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