Ten most intriguing street arts around the world

Ten most intriguing street arts around the world

Ten most intriguing street arts in the world. Excited all you art enthusiasts? Visiting a place where all you see is art everywhere! Wouldn’t it feel so positive and blissful? Painting walls has been known to humans from the beginning of time but the techniques, colors and design have evolved beautifully over time. People love painting; it makes them satisfied and stress-free. Art knows no boundaries; people paint walls, roads, buses and make literally anything spectacular.  So we have compiled a list of innovative and intriguing street art from around the world.

1. Our Lady of Grace, City of Montreal

This stunning street art is painted on one of the walls of Sherbrooke Street West, in the city of Montreal. The inspiration behind the painting was taken from Czech art nouveau painter Alphonse Mucha. A total of 500 cans of molotow spray paint of fifty different varieties of colors were used to create this art. The team who was responsible for making this painting took over 16 days to complete this master piece. The hard work of the artists paid off well as the painting came out just beautifully perfect. Axe, Bruno Rathbone, Dodo Ose, Fluke and Zek One were the brains behind this painting.

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2. Large Chicken Mural in Katowice, Poland

The Spanish artist and the creator of this street art, Aryz, calls this mural Hen which can be found at the back of St Mary’s street in Katowice, Poland. The picture depicts a decomposed hen which has an egg in the middle of her body. According to some people it represents a hen laying an egg. The street art didn’t use a lot of different shade but bright colors like blue, red and green with some clean shading have been used.

3. Shoreditch Street Art, London

One of the most striking street arts can be found on the streets of Soreditch in London. London is already known to be a beautiful place that sees a lot of tourists from all over the world. These street arts add to the must visits of the city. One can witness these street arts by walking to the exterior of former street gallery, where one can find some of the best hubs of artists and walls filled with fine-looking paintings. One of the popular works on these streets is of the artist Anne Mccloy called Saoirse 68.

4. Wonderwalls (2013) in Wollongong

‘Wonderwalls’ is an art festival that is held every year in Wollongong and has many art exhibitions, artists from around the globe talking about their art styles, life and experiences they gained. It also has a large scale murals painted in the Wollongong CBD from featured artists such as smug from Glasgow, Adnate from Melbourne, Phibs from Sydney, Beast Man from Sydney and many other famed artists.

5. Street Art in Norway -One of the Ten most intriguing street arts

Norway is well known for its drop dead beautiful and stunning street arts. It is a place where world’s best street art festival – Nuart is held every year in Stavanger. The place has one of the finest graffiti in the world and striking murals. Today, Norway supports and cooperates with street arts but there was a time when street-art artist were punished and fined for painting their masterpieces on the walls of Norway.  This decision of Norway has helped build a strong street art community there and has also increased the value of the city in terms of tourism as many people who are an art buff never miss to visit the Nuart festival if they are around. This brings the Norway art very rightly as one of the Ten most intriguing street arts.

6. ROA Street Art in London

ROA is a Belgian artist, and one can find some of his stunning works in London as he is a regular visitor there. Some of his works are black and white animal portraits and portraits of birds. These gigantic portraits on the huge walls of London blend swiftly with the environment around them.  His creations  give a transformed look to its surroundings that catches the eye of everyone. ROA has used his fantastic art skills all over the world but London lies on top of his list.

7. East End Street Art

Yet another strong contender for the top ten most intriguing street arts is London. East end street is home to some of the most iconic street arts in London. London has emerged as a street art hub and East End is one of its finest places where one can witness some craziest art. Many people visit the place to take pictures for their social media or some just to take in the beauty of art. Artists from different part of the world have painted their masterpieces and adorned the place.

8. street art in Athens, Greece

Greece has always been renowned for its magnificent art works even from the ancient times. Wall painting has been a tradition in Greece dating back to the Minoan and Mycenaean bronze age. Greece is adorned with meaningful and vibrant street arts. The murals were made possible by the help of creative projects set up by Athens municipality and renowned artists from Athens School of fine arts. Some of the famous street arts there include The Owl made by Gregos.

9. El Devenir – Liqen – Quartiere San Basilio, Roma

Rome is one the most beautiful places to visit in the world. Talking about Rome gives some elite and traditional vibes. Apart from palaces and others, Rome is also very popular for its street art. A number of urban arts can be seen on the city outskirts, one such place is san Basilio. One of the most famous murals ever painted is of the Spanish street artist Liqen, in the year 2014, who wanted to show a relationship between a man and the nature.

10. Colorful Bear in Toronto

Initiated in 2012, StreetARtorronto (Start) started an innovative platform which was planned for streets and public areas. It was done by the graffiti management to make the streets eye-catching and calming for the people who pass by, so that people get encouraged to use cycles more or travel without transportation in this soothing atmosphere. One of the best street art in the streets of Toronto is the colorful bear, which looks very vivid and is a real treat to eyes.

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