Navigation Method for underwater vehicles: explores MIT
Image: MIT

Navigation Method for underwater vehicles: explores MIT

Navigation method for underwater vehicles– MIT engineers have engineered a new navigation method for underwater autonomous vehicles to navigate precisely under the Arctic Ice. The unique proposition about the method is that the navigation is made easy and accurate even without a GPS in the Arctic Ocean. These huge mysterious ocean bodies and silent icebergs have many untold stories to unfold. And unfortunately, these stories are intricately related to climate change. So, numerous activities happen beneath these now thin ice sheets, which were once thick and rock solid. And in the Arctic Ocean, beneath these ice sheets, there is an expanse of warm waters.

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Navigation Method for underwater vehicles:

So, to study the harsh effects of climate change on the Arctic Ocean and its ice, it is important to dive deep and look for shreds of evidence. The new navigation method that the MIT researchers have developed is for autonomous underwater vehicles. And with the help of this GPS-free navigation method, these self-navigating vehicles would traverse through the Arctic Ocean with pinpoint precision.

Henrik Schmidt is a professor in the mechanical and ocean engineering department of MIT. And he is closely following the climatic changes and their effects on acoustic& navigation in the Arctic Ocean. He quotes, “Basically, what we want to understand is how does this new Arctic environment brought about by global climate change affect the use of underwater sound for communication, navigation, and sensing?

The Findings:

Henrik and his team from the LAMSS (Laboratory for Autonomous Marine Sensing) wished to find answers to open questions. So, he traveled to the Arctic, along with his teammates. And found that climate change has various effects, both positive and negative on the Arctic Ocean. It could help open up avenues for various shipping routes as a positive venture. And navigation method for autonomous vehicles will also help mariners, sailors& navigators know about the affected marine species of mammals.

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