Coding Games and Tools For Fostering Pre-Coding Skills in Early Learners

Coding Games and Tools For Fostering Pre-Coding Skills in Early Learners

Here is our list of coding games for fostering pre-coding skills in early learners

  1. Kodable
Kodable screen

Kodable is a fun way for young kids to understand the concept of coding. It also contains impressive supports for teachers.

2. ScratchJr

Scratch interface

This program is easy to use. The drag-and-drop programming is an effective way to introduce young kids to things such as sequencing – a key ability needed for programmers to achieve a task. The colourful screen and the cute illustration animation adds to the tactility and makes it fun for the kids.

3. Robot Turtles

Robot Turtles is a board game that teaches the basics of programming to young kids without having to use any technology. If you are worried about teaching kids about computers or coding or about “screen time” then this board game is the just for you!

This board game can teach your kids basics of coding while engaging in interactive play, without a screen!

4. SpriteBox Coding

SpriteBox Coding is an online puzzle game that has been smartly designed to reinforce essential coding concepts and introduce the basics of coding syntax to your kids.

As a beginner you can start by solving coding puzzles using icons, then move on to learn textual commands from these icons and soon your kid can be solving puzzles in a real programming language.

5. Tynker

Tynker is a smart, colorful coding platform caters to kids interested in custom-coding creations. This learning app has been design specially for four-to seven-year-olds. This app features three games ( Ocean Odyssey, Robots! and Wild Rumble) with more than 100 coding challenges. The aim is to teach young learners basic programming concepts like sequencing, pattern recognition, loops and counters.

6. Blue-Bot

Blue-Bot is a simple robot, it is ideal for introducing programming to your kids. It is aimed at developing logical and sequential thinking – essential for building a foundation in programming.

Kids can program the Blue-Bot via the on board buttons, using computational thinking processes, to make a program sequence. Once the sequencing is done all your child has to do is press a button to run the program. The bot will move as per the code! This introduces the children to programming concepts without the need of a computer or complicated setup steps.

7. Codeable Crafts

Codeable Crafts has been designed for specially for young minds. This app introduces young the basics of computer programming principles by getting kids to create their imaginative stories by drawing and coding and animating their stories using code blocks.

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