10 most beautiful art styles

10 most beautiful art styles

The question about what is art always comes in our mind. Let us put it like this- Art is the best way to express one’s feeling and emotions. It is the power of our conscious mind to express our imaginations, thoughts and feelings from our mind to the canvas or paper using paints and brushes. Artistic works have always been there since as long as the ancient history. It is well known to the human kind and they have always used it for communicating and expressing themselves. Art is a beautiful gift which has evolved magnificently over time. Today we have developed many new techniques of creating artistic masterpieces.

So here is our list of top 10 most beautiful art styles:

  1. Graffiti art style

Source: pixabay.org

You must have seen people using spray paints on street walls creating beautiful and attractive art which looks really cool to all of us. Well, this kind of art is known as graffiti art. This art was usually made without permission but now people actually get paid to create graffities. it is being created from ancient times. People usually depicted their thoughts and feelings through graffities when they felt voiceless or oppressed. Being one of the oldest art forms, it is quite debatable between some people whether it is an innovative art or a total nuisance.

2. Fantasy art style

This type of art style is usually done to create illustrations depicting unreal things such as mythological creatures, demons, angels, etc. The theme of this art is supernatural and is usually done to illustrate stories and narratives. This kind of art work is enjoyed by children as well as adults as its fiction gives it an interesting turn.

3. Photo realism art style

Source: widewalls.ch

One of the most interesting art styles, that was introduced during 1960s, photo realism was an art style that made the art look like a real picture and fascinated a lot of people. Artist such as Richard Estes, Ralph Goings, Audrey Flack, Robert Bechte and Chuck Close attempted to reproduce what the camera could record. The photo realists used an airbrush to reproduce the effect on the glossy paper of the photo which was projected on a canvas. It was an American art movement which was also called super-realism.

4. Abstract art style

If you are a type of person who is fond of finding meanings in a painting, then we guess abstract art is not for you. This art style is very hard to understand and includes shapes, patterns or we should say anything which is not understandable. It sometimes gets interesting like when you look upside down you see a face but when you choose another angle you will see a house. It will create confusion in your mind. Isn’t it bizarre?

5. Pop art style

This form of art style was introduced in late 1950s. It is a very fun and interesting kind of art style which was loved by all age groups. It usually was inspired by media and popular culture. It was used to show advertisements, comics, movies, etc. It is still popular today and when we look at it, we instantly get attracted towards it. It plays a good role in getting hold of our attention even if we are occupied.

6. Impressionism art style

Source: metmuseum.org

This art style was an art movement which was introduced during 19th and 20thcentury in France. It is one of the most beautiful art styles in which thin and small brush strokes are used to create the master piece. When you look at this art style, you will surely think that it is really difficult to create but some of the impressionist painters such as Caude Monnet, Camille Pissarro, Alfred Sisley, Berthe Morisot, Armand Guillaumn and Frederic Bazille were the masters in making magnificent paintings with this technique. Paintings made with this technique look pretty expensive!

7. Cubism art style

Source: spoon graphics

This kind of art style was one of the most influential and revolutionary art styles which was introduced during 20th century in the parts of Europe. This started with Pablo Picasso’s famous painting ‘demoiselles d’avignon’ in 1907. His painting included cubist elements which was extraordinary according to the viewers. Many new possibilities were created after the introduction of cubism. These paintings looked abstract and gave a turning point to the art. Cubism later developed into two new phases, the analytical cubism and synthetic cubism.

8. Contemporary art style

Source: Eikowa

According to the historians it was started in the late 1960s and early 1970s and basically it is an art style produced lately and hence is also known as the ‘art of today’. This kind of art has a different approach and style from others which makes it really intriguing. Famous artists who follow this technique are Takashi Murakami, Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst and Jean Michel Basquiat. The painters create art pieces that goes beyond the borders of art. Contemporary has become so diverse and has different mediums, styles, techniques, themes which has given it many definitions. Everyone has different meaning for this art style.

9. Surrealism art style

Source: exploring your mind

This was inspired by dada and it was cultural movement which was introduced in Europe after the world war one. Some of the famous artists are Salvador Dali, Rene Magiritte, Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Andre Breton and many more who followed this technique. It began around 1920 and was one of the most popular painting techniques well known for its visual artworks and writings. It plays a good role in activating our unconscious mind through the picture.

10. Modern art style

Source: Owlcation

Modern art was born during the industrial revolution, during the period from 1860s to the 1970s. some of the masters of modern art are Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Cezanne, Paul Gauguin, Georges Seurat and Henri de Toulouse Lautrec. These artists presented the most wonderful art pieces which are worth millions today. Modern art included a variety of traditions which were produced in astounding ways and had fresh ideas about the production of art and its nature. The recent produce of art is often known as postmodern art or contemporary art. The exhibitions of this wonderful art are located in Belgium, brazil, Columbia, Finland, France , Ecuador , Germany and also in India.

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